Tourism regulation violators to be named and shamed
ARAB NEWS - Fri, Oct 13th 2017 12:00 AM
Tourism regulation violators to be named and shamed
RIYADH: The Saudi Commission for Tourism & National Heritage (SCTH) welcomed the decree issued following Cabinet session stating that violators of tourism regulations would be named and shamed in the future.
The director-general of the legal department at SCTH, Obaid bin Abdulrahman Malhan, noted the importance of applying this decree, stating that it would help improve service providers’ compliance with the regulations and help protect honest investors.
“The penalty includes publishing the judgment and violation — at the violator’s expense — in one or more newspapers distributed in their area of residence,” Malhan explained. “If that is not possible, then in a nearby area, or on any other adequate media platform, depending on the type and gravity of the violation.”
He stressed that such measures would only be taken once a conviction had been “conclusively acquired.”
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