Saudi CrossFit coach discusses her success
ARAB NEWS - Sun, Aug 13th 2017 12:00 AM
Saudi CrossFit coach discusses her success
JEDDAH: Amal Baatia, a Saudi CrossFit and calisthenics coach in Jeddah, has been a role model, encouraging women in Saudi Arabia to engage in fitness activities and a healthier lifestyle, according to Okaz daily.
Baatia, who had a full-time job working as an investment manager and is a proud mom of two, got into fitness training two years ago, after discovering it in Dubai.
“I started my career two years ago and I faced many challenges since there were no CrossFit facilities in Saudi Arabia. I had to travel to Dubai most of the time, and to the US as well, in order to learn and practice this type of sport and gain more experience,” Baatia said.
“I was an investment manager, and I had to attend my full-time job every morning. Moreover, I am a mother of two children. However, with God’s will, I somehow was able to cope with my new lifestyle,” she said. She managed to fulfill her duties as an employee and a mother, and she did not stop practicing.
As for her achievements, last year, she participated in the 5-km obstacle course race in Kuwait and ranked third with a time of 28 minutes. She also participated in the 12-km race that took place at King Abdullah City and came in 2nd.
“Nowadays, I am fully devoted to sports as I have left my job as an investment manager,” she said, explaining that she now has more free time to train.
Regarding CrossFit in Saudi Arabia, she said that things have become much easier now as health club licenses are being granted by the authorities and more sports facility openings are on the horizon in several regions. “We started to develop a sense of awareness regarding physical training, and with God’s will, we will have greater skills in Saudi Arabia, and we will compete against other people from different regions and countries in the world,” Baatia said.
“I want Saudi women to know that there is nothing to strike fear into their hearts,” she said, adding, “my target is to allay this fear. I believe we can do whatever we long for. We can go to work, take care of our children and live our life normally.”
She explained that she was an ordinary woman who did not differ from all the others: “Every single woman has a particular skill that should be refined. Any Saudi woman can do what I did if she overcomes her fears.”
Baatia said that she would like to pursue her career as a CrossFit and calisthenics coach and enhance her skills.
“I am looking forward to seeing a new Saudi generation full of ambitions and resilience, a Saudi generation that will be at the top of the Olympic games all around the world,” she concluded.
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