Senior Scholars condemn kidnapping of Qatif judge
ARAB NEWS - Sun, Dec 18th 2016 12:00 AM
Senior Scholars condemn kidnapping of Qatif judge
JEDDAH: The Council of Senior Scholars on Friday condemned the kidnapping of Judge Sheikh Mohammad Al-Jirani of the Waqf and Inheritance Department at the Qatif Court, describing it as a “crime to be condemned in the strongest terms.”
“The people of the Kingdom stand as one behind its leadership, security officers and soldiers against those who would harm the citizens of this country,” the council said in a statement Friday.
Police in Qatif began an investigation after Al-Jirani’s wife reported his kidnapping from in front of his house on Tarawat Island. Authorities have started a combing operation in the neighborhood.
The police suspect the involvement of a terrorist group in his kidnapping. In a press statement, the Ministry of Justice said Justice Minister Walid Al-Samaani is personally following up on the case.
Ministry spokesman Mansour Al-Qafari said that Al-Samaani asked the head of the ministry’s branch in the Eastern Province to keep in touch with the family of the missing judge and the security authorities until he safely returns. The spokesman added that Saudi security forces have the capability of dealing with such reckless crimes.
The property of Al-Jirani has been subjected to a number of attacks in the past. One of these was an attempt by unidentified people to set fire to his house because of his stand on sectarianism. Al-Jirani has been outspoken against those who disturb public peace. This has angered extremists.
Al-Jirani has repeatedly condemned attacks against police and security officers. He said these attacks on innocent lives are attacks on Islam.
The judge has stood firmly against attempts to stir up unrest in Qatif and denounced all those who would use religion to attack the state and revolt against it, and those who contribute to wasting the lives of young people.
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