Infiniti launches Q50 Red Sport with audio visual display
ARAB NEWS - Sun, Dec 18th 2016 12:00 AM
Infiniti launches Q50 Red Sport with audio visual display
• Building on the foundation of the study launched in November, Infiniti Middle East has announced the next phase to bring the brain data obtained by their customers to life in a way that has never been done before.
“Now that customers have driven the vehicle, we challenged ourselves to interpret this data in a manner that would provide our audience a truly unique experience,” said Juergen Schmitz, managing director, Infiniti Middle East.
“We identified music as this medium, as it is both a universally expressive tool and an integral part of the Arabian culture.”
With all of the data being analyzed by Emotiv Inc. to deliver on the quantifiable analysis, Infiniti Middle East selected Yessian Music as a producer to take these brain waves and convert them into a harmonious melody that pays homage to the Middle Eastern heritage with distinct notes.
Launched under the banner of ‘UnleashYourPotential’ Infinti Middle East in collaboration with Emotiv Inc. sought to demonstrate how the changes in brain activity when driving the powerful Q50 Red Sport sports sedan can affect their enjoyment, excitement, engagement and focus.
• The Audi Q2 deep learning concept’s sensor technology consists of two mono cameras, facing forward and toward the rear, along with 10 ultrasonic sensors positioned at points all around the model.
A central on-board computer converts their data into control signals for steering and the electric motor.
On the driving surface, the model car first determines its position relative to the parking space.
As soon as it perceives the position, it calculates how it can safely drive to its targeted destination.
The model car maneuvers, steers and drives forward or in reverse, depending on the situation.
The model car’s parking ability is made possible by deep reinforcement learning. In other words, the system essentially learns through trial and error.
• Offered for the first time on a GMC Acadia SUV, the new all -terrain model beckons with touches of sporty refinement that suit an adventurous personality.
It’s a vehicle that delivers the functionality Acadia is known for, while also providing features to help drivers go wherever their journey takes them. At the heart of the Acadia all-terrain’s capability is an advanced AWD system with Active Twin Clutch, which optimizes traction for every condition it encounters. It is engineered for optimal performance in a wide range of slippery conditions ranging from wet to ice and loose surfaces.
It also has a specific all-terrain mode in place of the off-road mode on the drive mode selector, which works with the model’s exclusive AWD system to offer enhanced hill-climb capability.
• Subaru Impreza has been named 2016–2017 Car of the Year in Japan. This is the second-time Subaru has been awarded the honor, following the Legacy’s win in 2003.
Based on the Subaru Global Platform, the new Subaru Impreza aims to offer the utmost “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind” driving experience to all drivers and passengers, with an array of new technologies that greatly enhance safety as well as dynamic and static quality feel.
It is the first car ever produced by a Japanese brand to include a pedestrian protection airbag as standard on Japanese market models.
Since its launch last October in Japan, the new Impreza outsold its monthly sales target of 2,500 units by more than fourfold, with 11,050 orders.
Demand from customers switching from other brands has been especially notable, representing 51 percent of all orders.
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