1,000 illegal expats held in Madinah raids
Madinah: Yusuf Mohammed - Wed, Mar 25th 2015 12:24 AM
1,000 illegal expats held in Madinah raids
Madinah Police arrested 1,002 illegal expatriates over the past week as part of the government's ongoing campaign against violators of residency and labor laws.
The raids that targeted a number of neighborhoods, work places and residential areas were carried out with the cooperation of relevant government agencies.
They were expanded to include all Madinah provinces and villages including agricultural areas or shepherds’ locations. In all, 52,347 illegal expats were arrested since the beginning of the campaign.
Those nabbed were referred to the relevant authorities to deal with them in accordance to the system.
Madinah police chief Maj. Gen. Abdul Hadi Al-Shahrani said police is continuously supervising those security crackdowns. He called upon citizens to fully cooperate with the security personnel in the implementation of this corrective campaign. He also expressed thanks and gratitude to all security sectors for their successful efforts in capturing illegals.
Al-Shahrani said the role of campaigns includes arresting violators and those who didn’t correct their situation. The captured illegals were handed over to the relevant authorities based on a perviously agreed-upon mechanism.
Al-Shahrani confirmed that the campaign will continue to crackdown on all illegal people in a systematic and regular method stressing that the police will also deal with information they receive from people and regions’ police stations.
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